Celebrating Challenges & Wins with Teamwork!

Planning it All Out

Trello screenshot of the mapbox card

Challenges and Growth as a Team

Demo of Landing page
demo of the login feature
Demonstration of the map and popups

The Final, Not So Final Product!

  • A marketing landing page that entices a user to join or use the app
  • A secure login powered by Okta that pushes the user or groomer to their specific dashboard
  • A searchable map that a user can search by city, state, or zip that will show custom makers on the map of each groomer
  • Clickable map markers that will popup the groomer’s profile cards
  • A groomer dashboard that includes a calendar feature for the groomer to track their appointments
  • A user dashboard that allows them to keep track of groomers and upload photos of their pets
Video Demo of the Express Groomer App



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